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January 27, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

wow.jpgReaders of Winning the Web know that I’m big on contests. In fact, I’ve built this blog from 0 to 250 subscribers in just 2-3 months mainly by offering useful content and promoting it with crazy contests. If done properly, it’s definitely a strategy that works and Alan Johnson of is trying it out on his own blog. He’s offering 6 prizes worth over $1,000 that includes $500 in PayPal cash, $200 in free Bidvertiser clicks, a $100 AMEX card, and a free year of web hosting from LunarPages. Those are all valuable prizes and it doesn’t hurt to submit your entries. Basically how it works is that you get points for performing certain actions. For example, you get 1 point for signing up for the newsletter, another for every 5 comments you leave, and 5 points for writing about the contest. A good way to learn about contests as a marketing strategy is to take part in one first hand. I’m sure Alan is experiencing great results already and I suggest all of you take a look to see how he’s using the contest to market his blog. How do you think it compares with the John Chow review contest I held late last year? I’d like to see what kind of numbers Alan achieves through this project. Can he top me?

Below are some of the other stories I found interesting this past week:

  • Interview with Gyutae Park of Winning the Web
    David Peralty of Blog Herald was nice enough to do a quick interview with me regarding the quick success of Winning the Web and using contests as a marketing strategy. Check it out if you want to learn more about me and the blog.
  • Case Study : Diet Pills : How I Ran It
    Uber Affiliate, Paul Bourque, gives a real-life example of how to make a killing doing affiliate marketing full time. The potential is absolutely huge and most affiliates never share the niches that they work in and the methodologies that they use. But Paul lays down (almost) everything to help newbies get started and succeed in the industry. Paul started doing affiliate marketing just 1 year ago and he already makes up to half a million dollars a month. Props.
  • How the Heavy Hitters do Adwords…Part I
    Speaking of affiliate marketing, Amit Mehta is another established top affiliate marketer and he explain how the heavy hitters use Google Adwords to promote their affilate offers. Read this 3-part series (1, 2, 3) to learn more about the importance of mastering PPC in succeeding as an affiliate using paid search.
  • Why Your Google Reputation Can Hurt Your Career
    What do you get when you search for your name in Google? These days many companies are using Google as a recruiting tool to perform informal background checks on all of their potential hires. It’s important to keep tabs on your online profile and to make sure that it represents you the way you want it to. Try a search on your name now.
  • Self Investment 101: Are You Measuring OPPORTUNITY Cost?
    Aaron Wall writes another great post regarding sweat equity and the importance of investing in yourself to find success. Why be a slave for someone else when you can take ownership of the projects you work on? Move up in the value chain and invest in yourself for the long term.
  • Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson Respond to Digg Complaints
    Well this may be old news (1 week) but it looks like Digg has changed their algorithm to prevent gaming the system and thus pissed off a bunch of their users. It’s now a lot harder for a story to hit the front page, but that doesn’t mean the gaming will end. It’ll be interesting to see how Digg will perform in the coming year. Do you still use Digg?
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7 Responses to “Winner of the Week – Alan Johnson of”

Hafiz Dhanani on January 27th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Hey Gyutae,

I think Alan’s contest will be successful, as he already has links from both Winning the Web and John Chow. However, I doubt that it will be nearly as successful as your free Chow and Cow review was.

Your contest was very unique – an idea that I had never come across before and had great prizes. While Alan’s contest has some good prizes, increasing one’s chances of winning would take a lot of work.

On the other hand, winning your contest was simple; just sign up for the RSS feed and guess the two words. There was no requirements (other than the feed) like writing a post about it on your own blog. It also tapped into reader bases from two very successful blogs. Pure genius in my opinion!

Gyutae Park on January 27th, 2008

Thanks Hafiz,
I appreciate the kind words. That contest is proving to be worth every penny spent.

Alan Johnson on January 27th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Thanks for mentioning my contest Gyutae, I’m looking forward to seeing how things work out, it is definitely experiencing quite a start 🙂

Best wishes,

Alan Johnson

Gyutae Park on January 28th, 2008

Good luck Alan. Let me know how it goes for you.

Jack on January 29th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Congrats Alan!!! Gyutae – You’ve chosen a right person at right time.

Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

Yeah, I think his blog is an up and comer which has a lot of potential. Plus this post counts as an entry into his contest. 🙂

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