Widget Bait Still Works Wonders – How to Quickly Drive Tons of Viral Traffic and Build Thousands of SEO Links to Your Site

September 2, 2009 - Written by Gyutae Park  

widget-logosWith the explosion of social media and web 2.0 over the past few years, the use of widgets has become a very popular tool to syndicate content across various sites online. What exactly is a widget? A widget is basically any kind of feature that’s embedded on a site by copy and pasting a snippet of code from a different site. For example, web counters are the oldest form of widgets. Remember those? All you needed to do was copy and paste a unique piece of Javascript code, and the tool would track and display your website visitors. Some other examples of more recent widgets include the Tweetmeme re-tweet widget you see on many blogs, the Feedburner FeedCount Chicklet, the Amazon Wish List widget, and various quizzes and badges that show your score, horoscope, or personality type. There are widgets for basically everything you can imagine and the possibilities are endless.

So why are widgets relevant to your online business and how can they help you drive traffic? It’s really all about extending your reach by leveraging other sites and platforms to promote your own brand. Why be confined to your own site on the web when you can be featured on other related sites, Facebook, iGoogle, and even the Mac Dashboard? Not only can this strategy drive significant amounts of viral traffic and build your brand, but when done properly it can also supply you with a huge stream of inbound links that catapult you to the top of Google’s search rankings for popular keywords. I’ll get into all of that here…

In this case study, I outline all of the benefits of marketing your site with widgets and describe some of my own experiences and results using my Internet Marketing Top Blogs widget. I show you how you can utilize widgets to maximize traffic and SEO links – all while staying clear of Google’s wrath on link manipulation. Need some ideas on what kinds of useful widgets to create? I have a bunch here that you can take action on immediately. Be sure to read on!

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