The Sure-Fire Formula For Viral Marketing Success: Twitter Contests

September 28, 2009 - Written by Gyutae Park  

twitter-contestBy now I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Twitter and use the tool in a variety of different ways, both for business and for pleasure. With Twitter, you can easily interact with your customers, fans, and friends, keep up to date on real-time current events, share noteworthy articles to a targeted audience, and drive quality traffic back to your sites.

The social networking service has seen explosive growth over the past year and continues to receive funding from investors who believe in the company. Even despite all of the hype and fanfare, the future looks bright. Twitter could potentially be a game changer and I’ve written before that Twitter is the future of search.

Here’s a chart that displays the growth of Twitter usage over the past year.


If you run a business online, you absolutely need to be on Twitter to increase brand awareness and to interact with potential customers. Twitter is another valuable outlet to reach your target market and with social media’s current popularity, it really pays to take full advantage of the platform. Don’t believe me? Check out how I used Twitter to generate 35,967 extra hits to my site in just 14 days.

To get started using Twitter for business and learn the basics, read this article: How to Harness the Power of Twitter in 4 Easy Steps. Once you get that down, the biggest opportunity with Twitter lies in its potential for viral marketing. The best way to do it? Twitter contests.

viral-marketing-spreadRunning a well-organized Twitter contest is an extremely effective method to jump start your social marketing campaign and drive traffic/sales. From my own experience, contests work very well online and utilizing Twitter’s features is the perfect way to spread the word and make a contest go viral.

In this case study, I go over all the reasons why running a Twitter contest is pretty much a fool-proof way to build buzz and gain viral traffic – without having to shell out a lot of money. I also outline a few examples including one site in particular that used a Twitter contest to gain 20,000 new followers, increase traffic by 600% and double sign ups – all in just 3 days. Want to do the same? I show you step-by-step everything you need to know to run your own viral Twitter contest as well as some good ideas you can use right now. Thousands of your new followers will be buzzing about you in no time.

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