Song Lyrics Site Success – How It Broke into a Super Competitive Niche, from 0 to 5 Million Monthly Pageviews in Just 2 Years

October 28, 2009 - Written by Gyutae Park  

elvis-song-lyricsPopular music is a huge part of western culture and has spawned multiple thriving industries like iPods and mp3 players, CDs and song downloads, concerts and DVDs, posters, blogs, and music fan sites. People spend a lot of time and money listening to music and religiously follow their favorite bands and artists. If you’re an online entrepreneur, there are countless ways you can provide for the music lovers and profit big.

One type of music site that does particularly well with very little work is a song lyrics resource. Many users frequently search for the words to their favorite songs (to sing along and share with others), so there’s definitely a lot of demand and money potential. Lyrics sites are very easy to set up and maintain – but unfortunately that also means that there’s a ton of competition with many sites housing the same exact content.

I’m not suggesting that you dive in and create a lyrics site. It’s a saturated market and unless you already have a well established audience, new differentiating factors, and a killer marketing strategy, you won’t be able to compete with the biggest players in the game. Still, analyzing a successful lyrics site, its features and promotional techniques, could open your eyes to what’s possible and uncover new ideas that you can apply to different niches.

So with that said, in this case study, I want to dig into a fairly new song lyrics site (created just 2 years ago, October of 2007) that generates over 5 million page views per month and $6,000+ in monthly revenue. How is a relatively new no-name site driving so much traffic in a super competitive niche? I’ll lay it all out for you here including where the site is getting all of its visitors from and the business model that it’s using. The findings may surprise you.

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