– David vs. Goliath SEO Matchup

June 29, 2009 - Written by Gyutae Park  

sumo kidThe Internet has revolutionized the way business is conducted worldwide and has leveled the playing field for everyone. What do I mean? Never before have small companies or individuals been able to compete head on with major corporations like they’re able to today. For example, a single blogger can potentially get more traffic and views than big publications like the New York Times. An affiliate marketer can make more money in commissions selling other people’s products than what some businesses bring in during an entire year. A homemade video on YouTube can garner more eyeballs than some network television programming and can instantly create stars and celebrities. The list of examples goes on and on.

In case you haven’t yet gotten the message, the Internet is a game changer and the business world has been flipped upside down as a result. You can bet that corporate executives everywhere are running around scrambling to find a solution to this whole online marketing thing. Thankfully, there’s huge potential for the little guys like you and me to take advantage and profit big.

In this case study, we’ll look at a tiny independently-run website and discover how it’s using some proven SEO tactics to crush most of the competition – which by the way includes companies like Dell, Wal-Mart, HP, Toshiba, and Gateway.

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