Tatto Media Keeps on Improving – Followup Review

August 15, 2009 - Written by Gyutae Park  

Back in June, I posted a Tatto Media review – about a newer affiliate marketing network branched off of one of the biggest ad networks online. If you haven’t read the review and you’re looking for additional affiliate networks to add to your arsenal, I suggest you check it out. Tatto has good offers and payouts and hosts a fast and easy-to-use interface that makes running your campaigns easier.


Tatto Media is working hard to improve its network and quickly gain more advertisers and publishers. In this sponsored followup review, I’ll outline some of the improvements that they’ve made in the past couple of months (since my review).

  • New design for reporting and statistics, which is supposedly faster and more efficient than before. Data view pages can easily be searched and sorted.
  • Addition of conversion tracking report, which provides specific lead and sale information including sub id, tracking info, transaction id, ip address, and payout –  allows you to quickly run sub id reports.
  • Updated tracking links that are easy to understand. Sub id tracking has been updated and source name has been added. You can specify a source name in the tracking URL to easily drill-down and analyze performance in reports.
  • TinyURL option for affiliate links. You can convert affiliate links in the Tatto backend to TinyURLs with a click of a button (great for sharing on social media sites like Twitter).
  • Ability to target specific browsers. Tatto Media now gives you the ability to target offers to users based on their browser. This will redirect users to receive offers designed for mobile devices including iPhones and thus increase your conversion rates.
  • Generates tracking code with creatives via the Creative Manager. One of the biggest limitations of Tatto that I wrote about in my previous review was that none of the ad creative was available in the backend.  The team acted on my feedback, and has now made it simple for you to include the creative you want with the offer-specific tracking URL. There’s also a new feature to browse and preview creatives.
  • Updated suppression lists to better support email marketers.
  • Improved Stats API with updated functions and documentation to make working with the stats API easier (i.e. build your own applications with the statistics provided).
  • Addition of live support (via instant messenger with affiliate managers) and a support tab with help options and glossary.

What are your thoughts on Tatto Media? Are you using it as your primary network for any big offers? How has it stacked up against all of the other networks out there?  Leave a comment with your experiences here.

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3 Responses to “Tatto Media Keeps on Improving – Followup Review”

Nick Throlson on August 16th, 2009 Subscribed to comments via email

Tatto Media has come a long way I give them props for continuely updating there system just means they want to stay up to date with the ever changing affiliate industry. When some don’t update and have old systems. Tatto will continue to prosper by adding on to there system like they have been keep up the good work Tatto Media!

Chris Peterson on August 19th, 2009 Subscribed to comments via email

Tatoo Media has chosen a brilliant strategy to function & deliver effective results. Smart Move indeed!
However, you deserve more credit for correct analysis & prediction, Gyutae. Efficiency indeed needs to be checked out from within.

MyBrute Game on September 1st, 2009

I love Tatto Media! They’re a great network and I have been using them for awhile.

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