Quadruple Your Website Revenue by Outsourcing Your Work

March 26, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

jack of all tradesOne of the biggest things you can do to make more money online is to simply let go. Believe it or not, doing less work can actually boost your bottom line. I know it sounds counterintuitive and believe me, it’s something that I’ve struggled with for a very long time. But the truth of the matter is that focusing your efforts on what you’re good at and outsourcing everything else to other specialists will bring you tremendous improvements for your business. A jack of all trades rarely finds success – he or she is too busy to be making any money!

The key in all of this is to focus on what you’re good at. How can you most efficiently and most effectively spend your time? If you’re a genius marketer who has a knack for creating viral videos, don’t try to manage your own dedicated server just to save a few bucks. Similarly, if you have no sense of design, it doesn’t make sense to spend your time creating an ugly website that will take away from what you’re really good at.

So what are you really good at?

If you’re a newbie, it might take you some time to find your niche and discover what you can best focus on. Below are some factors that may help you to find and establish your specialty.

1. You enjoy it
If you like doing something, it probably means you will be driven to improve and excel. Passion and hunger is stronger than natural talent.

2. You have the experience & proven results
If you’ve been doing something for the past 3 years and have had great results, why abandon it to start something new? Unless you’re going through a mid-life crisis or are bored with your work, stick to what you do best online.

3. You have a unique situation that you can leverage
If you have a great opportunity to get started in a particular niche, it might be in your best interest to focus in on it. For example, say you marry a guy like Aaron Wall (SEO expert). That’s plenty of reason to focus your efforts on SEO and take advantage of the valuable resource at hand.

All in all, look into areas where you have the most passion, aptitude, and resources. These 3 components should be a good indicator of your success.

6 general specialties on the Internet

Which one defines your specialty?

There are thousands of online businesses offering web hosting and management services for dedicated servers. The industry is extremely saturated but there is always room for a quality player that focuses on excellent service for all customers. If you don’t plan on monetizing through a web hosting business, outsource your websites to 3rd party hosting companies. It’ll save you a ton of time and headache later on.

Web Design
With web design skills, you either have it or you don’t. If all of your “web 2.0” sites look like geocities pages from 1999, then I think it’s a good idea to outsource and find a good web designer to do your work. You can usually get a simple and clean theme for a reasonable and affordable price.

Data junkies can look at a bunch of numbers and somehow see trends and problems with any website. These usability and analytics experts can help you stay one step ahead and increase the effectiveness (conversion rates) of your website.

Some of your desired projects may be out of scope for your current programming skill set. Rather than laboring to learn how to code a script, outsource to an experienced coder who can do it better in less time.

Content Development
Some people love writing and others would rather drink gasoline. If you fall into the second category, there are plenty of freelance writers with knowledge in a variety of topics looking for work. Don’t let your limitations with content stop you from succeeding online.

Online Marketing
Marketing is a huge umbrella category with many smaller units that deserve sections of their own. These units includes SEO, PPC advertising, social media, networking, creating link bait, display ads, affiliate, and more. There are plenty of opportunities in each and many have made fortunes online specializing in one marketing technique.

The ability to sell, whether it be in the real world or online, is an important and valuable skill to have. It’s not really something you can easily outsource but you definitely need to learn it or get help if you want to effectively sell your products, services, and content. If you’re really good, your website will sell itself.

Have you figured out what your specialty is? What are you good at? Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to focus and outsource to increase profits and improve your sites.

Let’s try another poll here. Vote for the item that is your “specialty”. I’m interesting in seeing what it is WTW readers do best.

What is your online specialty?

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19 Responses to “Quadruple Your Website Revenue by Outsourcing Your Work”

Erica DeWolf on March 27th, 2008

Great post. Outsourcing is something I’m currently learning how to do…I hate doing it because I know that I could do certain tasks, even if I had to put a little time in learning more about it. When in reality, I can pay somebody else to do it for me and save time, saving money in the long run!! Great post!

Michael Heindel on March 27th, 2008

I have used outsourcing a few times. Just got my logo completed by an outsourcer. There are ups and downs to using a remote worker that doesn’t work for you but is more freelance.

I find that quality of work is improved if the person knows there will be more work from you in the future.


Iconic on March 27th, 2008

Focus on your passion and what you’re good at for sure and outsource the rest. Focus on the big picture and try not to drown yourself in the inks.

Louis Liem on March 27th, 2008

Agree. But if you start with nothing, you need to earn yourself some money with your skills in order to outsource…or just rob a bank the easy way.. :p

Dennis Edell on March 31st, 2008

Great point. I am just starting to outsource as I can afford to…a new theme and logo…next will be article submission and so on as I can.

Jim on March 27th, 2008

Thanks a lot for the article. Seems like a great way to expand on traffic and strategically enhance your trade advantages 🙂

California Web Design on March 27th, 2008

I outsource all the time, I can’t do code that doesn’t mean I don’t like creating the latest and greatest thing since QUICK CONTENT!

You will see what I mean boys and girls 🙂


Andrew Pavelski on March 27th, 2008

Nice post Gyutae. Knowing what your good at and what you could use some outsourcing for definitely helps make life easier 😉

Wisdom on March 27th, 2008

I think you can always improve the skills that you might be lacking. If you got the money you certainly can outsource or hire someone for the areas you lack in. Good post though.

Tom Beaton on March 27th, 2008

Letting go of parts of the business is so hard for some people. It takes a good business person to know when and what to let go of.

Jason on March 29th, 2008

I wish I knew how to use Photoshop. Then, I could use some of my design ideas for my site. Definitely on my to-do list. Until then, outsourcing is not only my best option, but my only option. 🙂

Meethere on March 29th, 2008

yes true, i also go for outsourcing my work – speedy and cost effective way. 🙂

Meanna Blog on March 30th, 2008

Great article. I too am a firm beleiver in outsourcing what you are bad at, but also delving into outsourcing what your good at. Some of you may not be in the list above, but you may be an innovator or leader, then you can outsource 95% of your tasks and oversee the production of your projects. A great example of this is the Four Hour Workweek principle, which you can read about here: http://www.thisblogwillpaymymortgage.com/?p=8

Jordan McClements on June 25th, 2008

Good post.

How about a post / update to include recommended sites to find people to hire for specific areas of your outsourcing?

elvisparsley on August 27th, 2008

I want to know how to find excellent outsources.
Can anyone share how to find?
I need webdesigner and developer.

Ned Carey on December 9th, 2008

My problem is I like to do it all. I know outsourcing is good but I enjoy doing it.

Arthur on January 19th, 2010

I’ve been thinking about it. Would love to hear in future articles what exactly you are outsourcing.

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