10 Easy Methods to Promote Your Blog Reviews

September 17, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

If you’ve been following my blog review series this past week, you know:

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Today I want to finish off the series with a few methods on promoting the reviews you’ve worked so hard to perfect. Your reviews can be engaging, entertaining, and informative, but all that means nothing unless you effectively get the word out to your target audience.

In general, writing on your blog alone isn’t enough to get you exposure. You have to get out there and actively work on building traffic.  Below are 10 ways to promote your content, more specifically your blog reviews.

1. Find similar reviews on other blogs – be the first to add comments
In most cases, there will always be other reviews of the same product or service done by similar bloggers in your niche. You can easily leverage these reviews and tap into new audiences by leaving comments with your thoughts and opinions and linking to your own post. As long as you provide value with your comments, your link will usually be left untouched since it’s related. In fact, the blogger may even promote your link from the comments section to the post itself. Brian Clark of Copyblogger did this when I mentioned to him that I wrote a very similar post to his a long time ago. Commenting on other blogs is more effective the higher up you are on the page. Try to get in early or if the blog allows for threaded comments, try responding to the first commentator for maximum exposure.

2. Be a resource on the topic
The more knowledgeable you seem about a topic off your blog, the more likely that people will visit your site to learn more.  A great way to drive traffic to your product or service review is to become an authority on that subject through sites like Yahoo Answers and related forums.  People will like what you have to say, check out your review, and click through to make purchases via your affiliate links.  This model works well as long as you make an effort to provide value on niche sites outside of your own blog.  You can find additional good targets by performing related searches on Google Blog Search.

3. Add your review to lists of other reviews
Many companies will publish a list of reviews bloggers have written about their products. The reviews usually have to be more positive in nature in order to be included but being a part of these lists is a great way to drive traffic straight from the source of what you’re reviewing. For example, after doing a review on the Performancing Ads network, my article was included in a list published by Performancing. Similarly, after attending Shoemoney’s Elite Retreat Internet business conference and writing a review of my overall thoughts, the post was included in a roundup of other reviews on Shoemoney.com. Your review may be one among many, but it’s still a good idea to be included.

4. Ask if you can do a testimonial
Testimonials work well because everyone involved gains something valuable. The reviewer usually earns free back links and traffic and the merchant company gains a reputation boost provided by the positive feedback held within the testimonial. The social proof aspects of testimonials lead to more long term sales so companies usually jump on the opportunity.  As a blogger you can capitalize on this idea by reaching out to the companies that create the products you review.  By writing a testimonial you get another link to your review and are able to build traffic straight from the merchant site. For an example, see my testimonial of OIOPublisher.

5. Build out additional product-related content and tutorials
What comes to mind when you think of reviews? I don’t know about you, but they don’t seem all that exciting to me. Reviews by nature are very technical and are limited in the amount of attention they can capture. So what can we do to combat this? Build out additional product-related content to gain attention and captivate readers. These articles aren’t necessarily reviews but are created with the purpose of funneling users to learn more about a certain product or service. Tutorials or how-to guides, for example, are effective tools to sell readers on a benefit – which will then sell them on a product or service that they need. Rae Hoffman did an excellent job with this by reviewing the Thesis WordPress theme and then writing a followup article called Pimping Your WordPress Theme for Humans. She even described the entire process that she used in a Copyblogger guest post called Here’s How Affiliate Marketing Works. Check it out.

6. Utilize social media
As with any type of post, social media should be a big part of your promotion strategy for reviews. Take the content you build out in #5 and ask your friends to help you promote it via social media sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. Smaller niche social networking sites work well too.

7. Send out an email to your marketing list
Email is arguably the best marketing channel because most people check and read their inbox every single day. If you have an email marketing list built up, take advantage of it and send out an email every time you write a post about an interesting new product. If you don’t have an email list yet, I highly recommend you sign up for Aweber and get started.

8. Optimize your reviews for SEO traffic
The next 3 tips will focus on areas of your own blog that you can optimize to bring in more exposure for your reviews. First, it’s important to craft your review titles in a way that will bring in the most search traffic. I mentioned in my previous article, 12 Essential Elements of a Highly Effective Blog Review, to use the following structure for titles: “Product X Review – Catchy Tag Line”. The “Product X Review” component is great for SEO because the keyword is commonly used in searches and the catchy tag line complements it by improving click through rates and piquing interest. As an example, I titled one of my recent reviews T3leads Review – A Unique Affiliate Network with Big Money Claims. The post now ranks #1 in Google for ‘t3leads review’, #2 for ‘t3leads reviews’, and #4 for ‘t3leads’ and brings in a fair amount of visitors interested in the affiliate network.

9. Frequently add internal links to your review pages
Another method for increasing search engine rankings is to frequently link to your reviews in your site layout and in other posts where you mention the product. Not only will this increase the link equity and therefore search engine rankings for your review, but it will also bring interested readers to your review page, which in essence acts as a landing page that sells them on whatever it is you’re reviewing. Expect conversions to go up.

10. Add a reviews section to your blog
Finally, why not add a reviews section to your blog? This is a method that has worked well for Yaro Starak of Blog Mastermind and can work for you as well if you frequently review products and services in your niche. A reviews page will funnel users interested in buying to your review articles and increase traffic and sales in the long run.

How do you market reviews on your blog? What has been the best method for you so far?

I really hope you enjoyed the blog review series and got a lot out of it. More useful Internet marketing and blogging series to come so stay tuned for more.

The Complete Blog Review Series – Ultimate Guide on Writing Blog Reviews

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13 Responses to “10 Easy Methods to Promote Your Blog Reviews”

Susan on September 17th, 2008

Adding a reviews section is an awesome idea.

Gyutae Park on September 22nd, 2008

Thanks. Maybe it’s something that you can build into your WordPress themes? I found that a reviews section drives more traffic and puts more attention on the reviews as featured content.

Danny Cooper on September 19th, 2008

I think a review might not do so well on social media, unless its the first review of a product or the product is exceptionally popular, such as the iPhone or GPhone.

Gyutae Park on September 22nd, 2008

Yep, I agree with you on that one. Reviews don’t tend to do well on social media sites – which is why it’s a good idea to spin the review into something else or use a catchy title.

Lim Ee Hai on September 20th, 2008

Many information to getting exposure to our blog are presented here. I like the clear but “never-thought-off” tricks. I,in particular, like the internal links method from review. A great resource for me and I believe, to others too. Thanks for sharing!

Gyutae Park on September 22nd, 2008

Thanks Lim. Internal linking is an effective way to increase link equity for deep pages and get them ranking more favorably within the search engines.

Flashlights Web on September 26th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Thanks for these great tips. I think SEO and social media can bring great traffic.

Gyutae Park on September 29th, 2008

For small blogs, SEO and social media are probably the top 2 ways to generate traffic.

Wealth Seeker on September 27th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I like you point of view about how to promote a blog.

I will agree with you in all of the points.

I have to say I really did not know few points and i have heard them once by you.

I really like your blog.

Gyutae Park on September 29th, 2008

Why thank you… I would love to hear some counterpoints to some of my arguments as well though. Thanks for visiting.

Paid Surveys Guy on October 1st, 2008

Thanks for the handy points, it seems writing on blogs is the easy part, its the ongoing process of SEO that’s the real challenge.

wisdom on October 2nd, 2008

Some good tips in here. Promoting via social media sites is key as already suggested.

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