Use Your Interests to Feed Your Sites

October 24, 2007 - Written by Gyutae Park  

Feed Your Sites with Your InterestsClose your eyes and think back 10 or more years ago when you didn’t have a website or dreams of success in Internet business. Hard to imagine, huh? Well try to remember what your main interests were. What were your favorite hobbies? Areas of expertise? A lot of times, thoughts of starting a business cloud your judgment about what you like and are good at doing. These days Internet publishers seem to be flocking to the more lucrative industries, simply because they think that there’s more money to be earned. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and it is actually much more profitable to go after a topic or niche that might not have as much money involved but is something that you are both interested in and are good at. Here’s why:

Niches or topics that are supposedly more lucrative have a lot more competition

If you go after a niche simply because you think there is more money to be earned, you will inevitably fail. More money means more competition, and more competition means you get less of the pie. So in the end, you’re really not much better off than if you focused on something less competitive.

More competition means it takes more to stand out

What most publishers and webmasters forget is that the more competition there is, the harder you have to work to differentiate your site and make it worthwhile for visitors. This means you absolutely have to be knowledgeable about the niche or topic you based your site on. Did you pick the niche simply because it was what was the most popular and had the most money? Well then I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you’re out of luck. More competition means that it is even more essential for you to actually have interest and expertise in the given field.

Expertise gives you a competitive advantage

As mentioned above, the more competition there is, the more expertise is required to make yourself stand out. If you are starting a site that you know nothing about, you are at a serious disadvantage.

Interest means you’re interested

What a concept. If you’re interested in the topic of your site, you will be motivated to keep going and work on the site, even when revenue is low starting off. Would you rather write articles about doing your taxes, which you know nothing about, or something you enjoy doing such as playing a sport. The interest level of a webmaster is clearly reflected in the quality of the website. Do something you like and it will be much more sustainable, profitable, and heck, enjoyable.

Model your sites after your interests, not your “interests” after your sites. The former is much more profitable in the long run and will lead to much better results. Who said you can’t make money from an interest or hobby you love?

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