Contest Clue #24 – Sponsor Blogs

March 30, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

This clue is for additional entries into the Craziest Internet Marketing Contest You’ve Ever Seen – a HUGE contest now with over $14,575 in some insane prizes. Winners will be selected by random draw on April 2 so get in now!

And now for the 24th clue of the contest… Sponsor Blogs.

Performing these actions will give you up to 5 extra entries for the contest.

Clue #24 – Sponsor Blogs

Many bloggers have offered some great prizes into the contest including an Ipod Touch from Shoemoney, blog consulting from Dan Scocco of Daily Blog Tips, and advertising spots from over a dozen prominent bloggers in the industry.

The action is this:

Support the sponsor blogs by reading their posts, leaving comments, and subscribing to their feeds. Then come back to this post and leave a comment with your thoughts on at least 3 of the blogs listed below. Every 3 blogs you comment about here will get you 1 point.

Thanks Mark for the tip.

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28 Responses to “Contest Clue #24 – Sponsor Blogs”

Jason on March 30th, 2008

I’m only a regular reader of about 3 of these blogs, so I’ll definitely take some time tomorrow to take a look at the others and give my feedback here.

mr nice guy on April 1st, 2008

Done. subscribed to John Cow, Shoemoney and Bloggin-Ads. Also posted comments on their blogs today.

Tim on March 30th, 2008

Shoemoney – Great design, and a fun blog to read. I liked his recent trip recap about AzoogleAds.

SEO Book – Seriously, I could lose days reading this blog. The information here is top notch, a must read for SEO.

SEOmoz – Lots of high profile contributors here, huge name in the online world.

DailyBlogTips – These tips are great, I’ve been subscribed to their RSS feed for quite some time now. Good way to start a blogging day.

Scribbles & Words – Beautiful design here. I participated in their Technorati exchange recently, and experienced some great results.

Andy Beard – Nice guy, unique blog. In your face links!

Ades Blog – Wow very cool looking. Will definitely come back to read this blog in the future.

John Cow – John Cow is really funny, and can drum up controversy in an instant. Just ask the entrecard community 😛

BlogginAds – Mike is a stand up guy, very nice. I’ve mentioned his blog on mine a few times, and he always comes and comments back.

Jonlee – A fellow Canuck, nice 🙂 Cool personal/tech hybrid blog.

Affiliate Confession – Alan inspired me a few months ago to take on the 30 Day Blogging challenge, and that really helped my blog start to grow. He’s got some great motivational posts! And, if you like BANS, then go chat with him.

Internet Babel – Woh huge design change since I last visited! Another good blog, I won a contest there once 🙂

Blog About Your Blog – This is a great blogging blog, lots of great info for new bloggers.

Hammad Bhatti – Nice, free vector icons, that’s enough to get me to bookmark 🙂 Cool looking site.

World of Office – Looks like a good place for learning tricks and tips about Windows. Great details.

Lori on March 30th, 2008

Andy Beard~Super nice guy and VERY informative blog. What I like about him, is that he listens to even us little people!

Ades~Have always been a fan of Ades and I LOVE his color picker!! I comment regularly on his blog.

John Cow~Hmmmm, I really like him but sometimes he either crosses the line or is always stirring up trouble. It gets old.

DBT~~Very nice person and great content. He commented on my post (his group writing project) with some nice words. Seems personable and GREAT tips!

Shoemoney~~Honestly, I don’t get it. Many of the posts seem very random and of a personal style and when he does write something promising, it confuses the hell out of me. Sorry. I do like him as a person by his interview stuff.

Blog about your Blog~VERY nice-fun guy. While I don’t always agree with what he says, I do enjoy reading him.

I am a subscriber of all these blogs I mentioned.

SEO book is confusing to me. It’s just a brain overload and I need simplicity.

Meethere on March 31st, 2008

* Shoemoney – I like his adsense picture 😮 I am regular reader of Mr. Shoe. Great blog.

* SEO Book – the top class SEO book there. Great tips for webmasters

* SEOmoz – nice blog and great premium tools including PS tool

* Daily Blog Tips – I get tips for my blog from this blog.

* Scribbles & Words – I regularly read it, great articles

* – another future johnchow 😀

* Ades Blog – Nice design and great affiliate promotions. 😀

* John Cow – top controversial blog of the year. I love to read his monthly income posts.

* – way to make money for blogs.

* – nice articles and design.

* Affiliate Confession – I love his motivational posts.

* Internet Babel – babel on internet, really !!

* Blog About Your Blog – great way to get backlinks.

* Hammad Bhatti – nice articles, though not a regular reader.

* The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips & Tricks – I use this blog for all my laptop vista tweaks 😀

Emma on March 31st, 2008

I always read Blog About Your Blog, I discovered Scribbles & Words during my Entrecard days and I left a comment on Shoemoney.

Jason on March 31st, 2008

Alright, here we go……

Shoemoney – A lot of his posts are random and some of them don’t interest me much. However, when he does have a good post for people learning how to make money online, it’s an excellent post. I check back all the time, because basically, you don’t want to miss anything important that this guy has to say.

SEOBook – Just recently discovered this site, and it has a ton of useful information. Added to my regular readings.

SEOmoz – I’ll definitely have to check back to this site from time to time. Good tips for SEO. I enjoyed one of the latest articles about RSS buttons. It’s true, customizing a button isn’t always a good thing.

DailyBlogTips – Have to be honest, the first few articles didn’t grab my attention, but then I came across an excellent post “8 Post Types To Expand and Highlight Your Blog’s Content.” Will be adding “Coming Soon” 🙂 .

ScribblesAndWords – Cool blog. I’ll probably check back here and there, but a lot of the posts talk about html, which i don’t touch. One of these days, I’ll face my fear. 🙂

AndyBeard – Have heard a lot about him. Most of the topics that I’ve seen so far don’t interest me much…not to say I’m sure others disagree…well obviously.

Adesblog – Again, a lot of topics he covers hasn’t grabbed me. The blog design is very clean and easy on the eyes though.

JohnCow – Cow is more of an entertainment blog for me (and I think this is his intention to distinguish himself), rather than a place for information. I visit regularly.

BlogginAds – I’ve been meaning to check this blog out for awhile now. In fact, I’ve been meaning to send in some guest posts. Nice blog.

JonLee – “Top 5 Movie Battle Speeches” cool post!

AffiliateConfession – Pretty interesting articles on a variety of topics. “10 Dim Witted Ways To Celebrate Earth Hour Today” is something to think about, lol.

InternetBabel – Awesome header. Love the conversation he had with his mom about blogging, haha.

BlogAboutYourBlog – Fresh articles on different subjects that will come in handy.

HammadBhatti – Very nice blog for those interested in Graphic Design.

TheWorldofOffice – Not a full time user of these products, but if I was, would definitely subscribe to this blog.

Michael Heindel on March 31st, 2008

You have a great list there. I subscribe to most of the blogs in your list. As you can tell I am a reader who comments often, so I will leave some new comments today and comment here again when done.


Michael Heindel on March 31st, 2008

Gyutae, I may not be a contest sponsor but I am a sponsor of your blog. When I first read your title, I thought you might be giving me a little extra exposure.

You should change your title to “contest sponsor”. Less confusion with your blog “sponsors” and your “winning sites” sponsors.


Tom Beaton on March 31st, 2008

* Shoemoney – Interesting guy. I have followed for a while. Not exactly the most valuable advice, but seems like a fun guy.

* SEO Book – Very valuable advice. Can be a tough read though if your not totally into SEO.

* SEOmoz – One I have come across but dont follow. Maybe I should follow it though. The posts are full of great advice, but again it can be pretty technical.

* Daily Blog Tips – Big fan of this. Only thing I would say is that you probably wont be interested in a lot of it, but occasionally something brilliant comes along.

* Scribbles & Words – Not seen this before. Looks real nice. I have bookmarked it but I have too many in my feed reader already.

* – Looks informative. I have heard a lot about it. Didnt catch my interest.

* Ades Blog – Been a follower for a while. Good blog, nice guy.

* John Cow – Very funny, unique blog. Appeals to my sense of humour.

* – Decent blog. I dont follow because I dont feel it adds much that other blogs I follow dont cover.

* – Pretty random, not heard of it before. Might check back.

* Affiliate Confession – Again looks good, but nothing catching me.

* Internet Babel – Nice blog. I wrote a guest post a few days ago.

* Blog About Your Blog – Again looks interesting. Not one I have seen before. Will visit again and see if I think it deserves to be followed.

* Hammad Bhatti – Beautiful website, but too much graphics stuff for me.

* The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips & Tricks – I am an ubuntu user I am afraid. So windows tips and tricks are not so useful.

Alex on March 31st, 2008 – Some useful Vista tips there – Found a couple of other similar contests there – I love that they do reviews for free, and they put their faces on the home page, so you know who’s running it!

California Web Design on March 31st, 2008

This is shoemoney, also known as Jeremy! I came to this contest from this blog and this is a very interesting blog, that has textual audio and video coming from it, very interesting blog!

John cow IMO charges waaay to much for a simple review on his website. There is not much reward for paying the $500.00 for a review on this website. I think this is more or less just a gimmick lol! I am not saying John isn’t an SEO I am just saying there are several BETTER ways to spend $500.00 USD.

SEOMOZ has a number of tools that can be quite helpful. I like the tools that are offered both in the payed section and non-paid section of this website! I like SEOMOZ! GO YOU!

Shoemoney and WTW are my favorite as of yet. GO YOU GUYS! 😀


Jason on March 31st, 2008

Shoemoney – When he has a good post, email me and I’ll post a video of Hell freezing over.

SEOBook – AWall is a great guy.

SEOmoz – Been a reader for ages…love this blog.

DailyBlogTips – Unsubscribed the other day.

ScribblesAndWords – while (HTML != programming.language()) doNotRead();

AndyBeard – Most of his recent posts are just sales pages

Adesblog – Clean, easy on the eyes

JohnCow – This guy is just a smartass…and he does a good job at being one.

BlogginAds – Decent blog

JonLee – Not sure what to say…

AffiliateConfession – Wow… “10 Dim Witted Ways To Celebrate Earth Hour Today”

InternetBabel – Awesome header. ‘Nuff said.

BlogAboutYourBlog – Interesting…

HammadBhatti – Nice–if you are a designer

TheWorldofOffice – People still use Windows?

Mike on March 31st, 2008

Shoemoney – Subscribed to that one as long as this blog.
SEO Book – Like the free tools
SEOmoz – Started reading at the start of the year.
Daily Blog Tips – Looks interesting will add to RSS
Scribbles & Words – Looks interesting will add to RSS – Looks interesting will add to RSS
Ades Blog – I like the technical tips
John Cow – Have enjoyed this blog for sometime. – Starting to read and see what it’s about. – I don’t read too many personal blogs like this one.
Affiliate Confession – Been reading RSS for a while.
Internet Babel – Mom, I’m a Problogger! is a HOOT!
Blog About Your Blog – Looks interesting will add to RSS
Hammad Bhatti – Cool looking site
The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips & Tricks – I like technical sites like this one.

K-IntheHouse on March 31st, 2008

Shoemoney – Been reading ever since I started blogging.
SEO Book – Awesome book to learn about SEO
Daily Blog Tips – incredible source for WordPress and blogging tips
Blog About Your Blog – I am contributor there. 🙂 – His posts are great.. started reading during the Google PR slap
JohnCow – like it better than John Chow
The World Of Office.. – It’s just my cup of tea
Ades Blog – Another long time read of mine
SEOmoz – gotta read more there. Known it but haven’t been there in a while.

Meethere on March 31st, 2008

wow. nice to read what people think about these blogs 😀

Michael Heindel on March 31st, 2008

Shoemoney – Been following for a while. Good at innovation when it comes to blogging. Love the use of many people photos. – Been following since he was a popular commenter in the IM forums. Good Stuff.
John Cow – I remember when this blog started. His logo was much cooler then John’s. Funny take on everything. – Love the photos, plenty of good info.
Internet Babel – Great info with not a ton of advertising.
Blog About Your Blog – They have your prize value listed too low. Neat blog, good stuff.


Matthew on March 31st, 2008

Ill make sure to change the value, the post was written a while ago, this thing goes up every minute.

Thanks so much for everyones opinions, this is very helpful and fun to read. Great idea and thanks for the mention.

~Blog about your Blog

Eric Nagel on March 31st, 2008

I’m a regular reader of Shoemoney. I like his “I don’t care if you want to read about it” attitude, where he’ll blog about anything he wants.

I’m also subscribed to Affiliate Confession which lately has been monopolized by Build a Niche Site how-tos. Great if you’re looking to Build a Niche Store, but it was getting boring for the rest of us. The “Super Secret Flickr Link Building Technique” made me really think.

Daily Blog Tips caught my eye. Reading through it, there looks to be a lot of stuff I don’t care about, but a few jewels in there make it worth keeping up on.

SEO Diva on March 31st, 2008

SEO Book – I read it faithfully.
Shoemoney – I like some of his posts, some not so much.
Affiliate Confession – for the BANS store info.
Slightly Shady – not on your list, but I love that dude!

Carol on March 31st, 2008

•Shoemoney – Love the logo!! The posts are ok. A bit random, feels like someone’s personal journal. Lots of pictures of himself.
SEO Book – Wonderful resource! A must read for SEO information.
SEOmoz – Would visit again. Lots of valuable information.
•Daily Blog Tips – One of my favorite blogs! Daniel has two other blogs that are linked to this site that I also enjoy. and GREAT Information!
•Scribbles & Words – Very informative! Will keep this one on my blog list to check on a regular basis.
• – Plenty of articles that I could benefit from. Will be visiting again.
•Ades Blog – Like the WordPress theme page
•John Cow – Cool Webpage Design! Love the header! Cute name for the comments (moos).
• – There are some valuable posts to be found here. If the website is to be about blogging, don’t post politically charged material. Don’t care for it unless that is the reason for the website.
• – Liked the post “What Women Want”. The girlfriend has a great since of humor.
•Affiliate Confession – Lots of great information!! Will have to include this blog site on my RSS Feed.
•Internet Babel – Will be visiting this site again. Love the Header!
•Blog About Your Blog – Great articles on blogging! Not crazy about the thin blog theme (means extra scrolling).
•Hammad Bhatti – Blog offers some really nice website templates. Had a hard time finding the “Category ” section of his blog. Difficult to see other posting in the same category.
•The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips & Tricks – Very Handy Website! I just recently took the plunge and upgraded to Vista. Can’t wait to learn a few tricks.

Thanks for the blog list! I enjoy checking out new blogs!

indextree on March 31st, 2008

SEO Book is sometimes more than I can digest

SEOmoz provides a great coverage of SEO stuff though it seems sometimes it is just the same stuff repeated over and over again.

shoemoney is great because he gets you to think but you have to be careful what he is pushing for his own agenda

john-chow is interesting though some of his guest posts are quite useless

wisdom on April 1st, 2008

affiliate confession – awesome new site design by tom over at Frequency top commentator over at John Chow.

john cow – some quality content, good logo, nice way to make $$$ of of john chow.

blogging ads – good idea on reviewing other people’s blogs

knupnet on April 1st, 2008

Shoemoney – I have read his stuff forever now. He got me started on this make money online journey actually.

SEO Book – Great tips and resources for webmasters!

SEOmoz – Seems like some nice tools and a nice blog.

Daily Blog Tips – I’m a regular reader… Great tips!

Scribbles & Words – New to this one but seems solid! – Andy Beard is emerging. Nice site!

Ades Blog – i read ades blog regularly. Good advice and posts.

John Cow – Very humorous posts and nice play off of john chow! – I read this site often. Nice tips typically. – Love the look. new to the site though.

Affiliate Confession – Very inspiring website.

Internet Babel – Never heard of it but will continue to read!

Blog About Your Blog – Great way to get backlinks!

Hammad Bhatti – Just heard of it and looks like some solid reading!

The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips & Tricks – Never used it but if I had vista i would 🙂

mike huang on April 1st, 2008

Thank you Gyutae for including me in this last plug 🙂

As for the ones that commented about my blog, I want to give out a bit of info.

My blog is not about blogging, but I do cover about it once in a while. My blog is basically a rambling blog, but with a twist of free blog reviews. I basically ramble about anything I can think of or see online or the blogosphere. This is just to keep things interesting and I hope some of you could give me a chance. Thanks!


Andrew Pavelski on April 1st, 2008

Shoemoney – Really fun to read, great design, and I enjoy how shoe adds his personal touch.

SEO Book – A great site for SEO that really will get you hooked and interested in learning more SEO.

SEOmoz – Great lineup of contributors and overall a great visit.

DailyBlogTips – I really like the blogger matchup section and enjoy Daniel’s tips. Great way to learn more about blogging.

Scribbles & Words – Very good website – the blogger has some great ideas 😉

Andy Beard – Cool personality w/ nice links. It was a nice visit.

Ades Blog – Definitely has some interesting content and is worth checking out!

John Cow – Cow is awesome. I love the theme and the work he’s done over @ his site.

BlogginAds – Very unique, nice concept and Mike seems like a great guy!

Jonlee – Very nice tech & personal blog combo.

Affiliate Confession – Alan has some great advice and his website is definitely a great read for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Internet Babel – The design looks good, nice blog.

Blog About Your Blog – This blog has some nice info. – especially for newer bloggers.

Hammad Bhatti – He’s done some great work with icons & has a nice blog.

World of Office – Cool place for learning Windows Vista & XP tips. Overall, a nice website.

Shotgun35 on April 2nd, 2008

I just checked out Blog About Your Blog for the first time and it’s going on the RSS feed, where DBT is already. I also check out John Cow occasionally, but his arrogance/controversial-ness can get old without a break from him.

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