Make Money Online with Rocket Profit Affiliate Marketing – A Step by Step Example

February 1, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

rocket-profit.jpgAre you involved with affiliate marketing? If not, the time is now. In a previous post, I mentioned that affiliate marketing is probably one of the most stable forms of online income, more so than advertising revenue and e-commerce sales. The income potential is absolutely huge and I know guys doing hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. In this article, I’ll use a sample offer from Rocket Profit to explain the exact methodology I use to execute some of my affiliate marketing projects. After reading this case study example, you’ll have all of the knowledge necessary to make money online and get started in the industry. Read on.

1. Sign up with an affiliate network

First of all, we need to sign up with an affiliate network. There are a lot of good ones out there, but for this example we’ll be working with Rocket Profit, a fairly new network that includes some of the most lucrative offers on the web in a variety of niches. If you haven’t already done so, sign up with Rocket Profit as soon as possible.

2. Pick an offer


Now that we’ve signed up with Rocket Profit, we need to look through the catalog of offers and pick one that is appealing and has money-making potential. Below are some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing an offer.

  • Payout
    Obviously we want to choose an offer that will make us the most money possible.
  • Industry & Product
    This is probably the most important factor. Look at an offer and judge for yourself whether or not it has potential. Would you buy into it yourself or purchase the product? If not, then move onto something else. Also, you want to work in a niche that you are comfortable in. Some industries are more competitive than others so you want to choose an offer that is easiest for you to monetize depending on your resources and skill level. Generally speaking, weight loss, business opportunities, and ringtones are extremely competitive areas that you might want to hold off on for now.
  • Limitations
    Some companies prohibit affiliates from marketing offers in a certain way. Make sure you research limitations before making your decision. For example, some offers only allow email marketing and some do not allow affiliates to bid on certain branded keywords in a PPC campaign.
  • Offer type
    Rocket Profit uses offers of 10 different types: 1st page, cell submit, cell submit-conf, completed profile, email capture, free trial, paid trial, registration, sale, and zip code submit. These types identify the action a user would need to take in order for the offer to be complete. For example, you would get paid for a email capture offer when a user submits their email address from your referral link.
  • Ask your affiliate manager
    Choosing the right offer could make the difference between success and failure. Take advantage of the affiliate managers that are made available to you. Ask them what the best converting offers are and what the top affiliates are promoting. You’ll get some good tips out of it.

For this case study, I’ve decided to go with Grower Flowers. Below is the information on this offer.

Offer: Grower Flowers
Payout: $14.00 USD per Sale
Payout Type: Sale
Media: Email,Banner,Text
Description: provides fresh cut flowers that can be shipped to the consumer direct from the grower – for over 50 years! Consumers can shop for any occasion and also purchase gift baskets, bulbs, flowering plants and much more. All PhotoBloom orders come with a free vase and personalized digital photo greeting card.

Why did I choose this offer? Taking into consideration all of the factors mentioned previously, I thought this was the best offer to promote for the following reasons:

  • $14 payout is decent for the volume and ad spend I plan on doing.
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up
  • Solid company with a good reputation
  • Everyone loves flowers
  • Fits my marketing plan
  • A good match for the resources I have available.

3. Set up the site

After choosing an offer, we want to create a site of some sort to drive traffic to. It’s also possible to promote an offer without having to build a site, but we won’t go into that here. So how do we create our site? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how I would tackle it.

  1. Buy a relevant domain for the offer being promoted. In our case, I’d buy something like (if available).
  2. Install WordPress and use a simple 1-column theme. Customize it so that all menu links are at the bottom of the page. We want to promote our offer at the top of the page with little to no other options available for users to click on. Our goal is to design our site to funnel visitors to the offer page.
  3. Include a blog of some sort with relevant content. The link to the blog will be on the bottom of the page. The content is mainly to satisfy Google’s quality score for Adwords. Also add a privacy policy and terms of service page.
  4. Include relevant keywords in header tags, title tags, and on-page copy. We want to make the page as relevant as possible to the offer we are promoting.
  5. Use calls to action in the page copy. Things like “Click Here” or “Buy Now” work well. Use images and bolded text where appropriate to further get the message across. For Growers Flowers, we could use something like “Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Show your loved ones how much you care with beautiful fresh flowers. Time is running out so act now!”
  6. Include a targeted banner from Rocket Profit. The Valentine’s Day ad creative we would use for Grower Flowers is shown below.

4. Do extensive keyword research

Since we will be using paid search as the main method to drive traffic to our newly created site, it’s crucial that we do extensive keyword research. Use a keyword research tool such as Keyword Discovery to determine the relative search frequencies of related keywords. Then create a list of top keywords that would drive the most traffic. For our example, the main keywords we will target include: send flowers, flower shops, valentines day gifts, valentines gifts, valentines day ideas, valentines day flowers, etc. You get the idea. Keyword research is key.

5. Set up a PPC campaign

Next, we will set up a PPC campaign to drive traffic to our Valentine’s Day flowers page. Using Google Adwords, set up a campaign using variations of the keywords we researched in the previous step. A little creativity is needed here to find untapped keywords that will maximize profits. For example, some of the keyword themes we could use for this campaign include: flowers, valentines day, different flower types, vases, romantic gifts, gifts for him, gifts for her, roses, colors of flowers, etc. I like to use phrase match in Adwords and then filter out the irrelevant keywords using the negative keywords feature. As for ad copy, try to hit on the emotions of people while using calls to action and time-sensitive language. For example, “Show your Valentine love with beautiful flowers. A perfect gift. Act now!” might be a good start.

6. Have a PPC strategy

We must develop an ad budget as well as a bidding strategy. I like to start with a budget of $100 per day to and bid high initially to get the CTR up. This will improve quality score and lower the minimum bid amount. As the campaign matures, we can then adjust these figures to maximize the return on investment.

7. Test, test, test

PPC is all about testing. Test different keyword variations, ad copy, landing page layouts, etc. We can never test enough so always run multiple versions of everything.

8. Cash out & repeat

Once Valentine’s Day comes to a close, we can stop the campaign, cash out and find another offer to promote. Now that you have this example to guide you, try doing it on your own.

I’d like to see a Winning the Web reader using this strategy to promote the Grower Flowers offer from Rocket Profit. Affiliate marketers, how would you do things differently?

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58 Responses to “Make Money Online with Rocket Profit Affiliate Marketing – A Step by Step Example”

The University Kid on February 1st, 2008

Nice post. I prefer the pay per lead offers as they’re easier to promote – damned Adwords account stopped working for some reason so will have to give it a go next week 🙁

Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

Hey Jason,
Thanks for the comment. It’s strange that your Adwords account would just stop working. Are you sure it’s not just on pause? 😛

Pay per lead is definitely easier to promote but of course I didn’t wanna give away the farm in this post. This is a good start though.

Hafiz Dhanani on February 1st, 2008

Hey Gyuatae,

Thanks for taking us through your affiliate marketing process. I’m going to try out Rocket Profit and NeverBlueAds. It seems like a fairly simple and logical process. Choosing offers according to seasons, holidays, and trends is something I’m going to experiment with. I’ll let you know if I have any success.

Keep up the good work,
Hafiz Dhanani

Hafiz Dhanani on February 1st, 2008
Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

It may seem simple but there’s definitely a lot of to it than what I mentioned in this post. In order to really learn what it takes to make money, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and experiment with a lot of different offers. Good luck!

Alan Johnson on February 2nd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I’d recommend trying other large PPC networks on for size as well, since you never know what will end up working best for you. When starting out, you should limit yourself to a few large ones but as time goes by and as you gain experience, you can also look into a few decent small ones.

Alan Johnson

Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

I tend to ignore all of the other PPC networks when testing a campaign or offer. If it doesn’t work in Google then chances are that there’s not enough overall demand. However, if there are enough conversions in Google then I’ll branch out and utilize the other smaller networks as well.

Andrew Pavelski on February 2nd, 2008

Nice post Gyutae, the instructions are very easy to follow. I think I’m going to give this a shot sometime. I actually just signed up w/ the pepperjam network.

Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

I’ve heard great things about the new PepperJam Network although I haven’t used it myself. Email me if you have any questions when going through the process. I’d be interested to see what kinds of results you achieve.

David Chew on February 2nd, 2008

This looks like a way to earn some extra pocket money but have any one try it before, and if it is good then is worth to try.

Gyutae Park on February 2nd, 2008

It’s definitely a method that has a lot of money-making potential.

Guillermo on February 2nd, 2008

The idea sounds simple… but why you did not add a business case to it? I mean the numbers involved in this action? You are buying a domain, you are setting up a $100 dollars a day campaign, and who knows what other cost is involved, only for a $14 per sale thing… This business is kind of weird… Could you add some explanation on the numbers side? May be I;m missing something…. Thanks!!!

Gyutae Park on February 3rd, 2008

Sure. Any PPC campaign for affiliate marketing comes with a level of risk. It’s all about managing it and either cutting your losses or expanding on what works.

So by spending $100 per day, you will get somewhere between 100-1,000 clicks to your site depending on the niche. From those visits you’ll see what your conversion rate is (the percentage of people who buy). You earn $14 per sale so you definitely want to maximize your profit by spending as little as possible. This is where cost per action comes into play. How much are you spending to get 1 sale? So if on average it takes you 40 clicks costing $0.25 each for you to get 1 sale, you cost per action is $10 and your profit is $4. Replicate this thousands of times and you have a viable business worth doing.

Hope that helps.

Guillermo on February 3rd, 2008

It helps Gyutae, Thanks!

Gyutae Park on February 4th, 2008

No problem.

michael on February 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I saw the post that shoemoney made about his new camera from rocket profit. You have a very good and detailed post about affiliate rocket profit. Thanks Guytae!

Gyutae Park on February 4th, 2008

Sure, no problem Michael. I hope it was useful to you in some way.

mustapha on February 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

wanna make money

Gyutae Park on February 4th, 2008

Don’t we all…

Tevin Anderson on February 5th, 2008

Well I was going to write a comment. But it turned into a whole entry. You can read it here. I’m calling you out!!! 😉 How to lose money with affiliate marketing — Calling out Gyutae Park

Gyutae Park on February 5th, 2008

Nice rebuttal Tevin. It reminded me of some of the ones I do here on WTW. I left a comment but I think it went in your moderation queue.

Tevin Anderson on February 5th, 2008

Thank you sir. I wrote it in the spirit of some of your previous posts. I knew you would get it 😉

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Lisa on February 5th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

How do you not lose a ton of money when first starting out? Thanks!

Gyutae Park on February 5th, 2008

Losing money is likely when starting any affiliate marketing campaign as you test out keywords, ads, and landing pages. You should definitely have some sort of money fund cushion before getting started.

Lisa on February 7th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I agree. So how much do you think is a good amount of money to start out with? $500, $1000, more? Thanks!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Tevin Anderson on February 7th, 2008

I would say if you want to do it “right”, $1000 would be the minimum you would want to put up to risk. Because chances are the first few attempts won’t be a huge success. That’s not to say that can’t be. But a lot of affiliate marketing is trial and error.

You throw a bunch of S*** at the wall. Then you see what sticks. And you run with that.

So far I have tried AM without a huge “nest egg”, putting in $100 here and there. And have not had any huge successes, because my attempts are few and far between.

It’s also worth it to note, that you should make the MOST of your PPC money by getting as many vouchers as possible. (They’re available all over the place just search for them a little.) You’ll get a free $50 here, and $25 there, for PPC marketing.

My $0.02

Gyutae Park on February 7th, 2008

There isn’t really a minimum amount of money to start off with. It really depends on the level of risk you are willing to take as well as the vertical you are working with. $1,000 is a good estimation but it’s a suggestion not a rule.

Bud on February 6th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Good post on using RocketProfit. I have been using cj for ebay affiliate sites but this gives me some ideas on branching out. The only thing I don’t like is the cost to start a campaign and the chance of loosing your money. I will keep researching it and might give it a shot.


Gyutae Park on February 9th, 2008

Every real business has some risk involved, but it’s just a matter of minimizing it and capitalizing on the opportunity. I recommend you at least try it out and see how it works for you. You won’t know until you go for it.

Mike on February 9th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Nice post. We’ve done very nicely with Rocket Profit. Those guys have some great dating, sweepstakes and mobile deals.

Gyutae Park on February 9th, 2008

Yeah Rocket Profit is relatively new but they have some good offers worth promoting. I suggest everyone sign up and check it out.

Tevin Anderson on February 9th, 2008

I must admit that I am thrilled with RPs quality of service and offers. Almost all of their offers have higher payouts than their big time competitors (azoogle). And they take the time to work with their affiliates to make sure they have everything they need to make their campaigns a success.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Gyutae Park on February 9th, 2008

Yep, Rocket Profit is great. Someone called me the other day and wanted to discuss some strategies to make money online using some of their offers. They also said you were one of my referrals, Tevin. Rock on.

Ruchir Chawdhry on February 10th, 2008

Great guide, especially for newbies.

Gyutae Park on February 11th, 2008

Thanks I hope it was helpful.

Affiliate Confession on February 10th, 2008

Hey Gyutae, I saw you just won one of the tickets to Elite Retreat from John Chow with this post. Congratulations and hope to read a full report of what you learn.

Gyutae Park on February 11th, 2008

Thanks Alan. I’ll share some of my learnings at the conference with my readers here at Winning the Web. Stay tuned.

Chris Bloczynski on February 11th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Gyutae… my first visit to your site. I’ve seen you being featured at John Chow and finally decided to stop by. Congrats on the Elite Retreat win with Zac Johnson! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

Gyutae Park on February 11th, 2008

Hey Chris,
Thanks for stopping by! I should have some more great articles lined up so be sure to check back often.

HotRocketMatt on February 12th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

CONGRATULATIONS GYUTAE! You’re going to have an awesome time at The Retreat. Very insightful post and basic outline strategy. Thanks for the kind wishes to your account manager and Rocket Profit as a whole 😉 We have a lot of new and exciting things in store for the rest of ’08.

I look forward to growing your account and developing a more personal relationship in the coming months! Keep up the good work, man.


Ty Brown on February 13th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

It’s posts like these that make me realize how little I know and how much I have to learn in the internet marketing game.


very informative. thanks

Carol Ann Wiley on March 16th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Have been wanting to get involved in affiliate marketing for some time now and by being involved in trying to win the craziest internet marketing contest; I have been exposed to so many great ideas and resources for affiliate marketing and CPA opportunities. Thank you for that. Have heard about Rocket Profit before but will definitely check it out now.

Meethere on March 18th, 2008

Do they pay via paypal ?

Thanks for a nice guide for newbies like me.

Meethere on March 18th, 2008

Oops, i cannot edit the above comment.
I have one more doubt… Is PPC necessary for affiliate success ?

I have a blog with around 1k visitors per day, can i earn from this blog ?

Irish on April 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I’m intersted to try…Now I am trying to find another alternative income. Hope this could work for me…

online money buzz on September 30th, 2008

This sounds like a great way to promote an affiliate program or product. It seems like it might be costly. If outweigh the expenses of setting all this up, do you think there will be a more profitable gain? Getting money back plus more.

JR @ Verizon Ringtones on October 22nd, 2008

It is totally possible to start with almost 0 dollars, except for the $10 month hosting I put up nothing upfront and I have been successful, and then as I made money I just reinvested it.

John Sukowaty on December 9th, 2008

I did something similar for mothers day, but it wasn’t very successful. This year, I plan on hitting it harder and with more time before the holiday to plan, I hope I hit it big!

Nice post for the “how to” folks!

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