5 Easy Tips For the Beginning Guest Blogger

June 30, 2008 - Written by Gyutae Park  

This post was guest blogged by Adam McKerlie, a writer for devjargon.

What do Problogger.net, Freelanceswitch.com, and Dailyblogtips.com have in common? Other than the fact that they are all very successful blogs, they all have guest posters. Guest posting is a great way to get yourself known in the blogosphere and to increase your worshipers readers.

Being a good guest poster however is not easy. There are many things to think about such as integrating your post into the host website, impressing / pleasing the owner of the website you’re posting to and optimizing traffic that you receive from that guest post.

Here are five tips that you can use to improve your guest posting skills (and if I miss anything important, please feel free to criticize/inform me in the comments section).

1. Know the blog you’re posting on
This is probably the most important tip I can give you. Just like you would spend the time figuring out your websites audience, make sure you know the audience of the blog your posting on. Once you know the audience, make sure that you tailor your post so it appeals to the audience of the other blog.

If you’re going to guest post on a blog about search engine optimization, don’t start rambling on about making money online. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose your personality or blogging style. It just means you might need to bend it a little so the guest post fits in with the other blog’s style and audience.

2. Be considerate, don’t give your host additional work.
Do not submit a post that requires many hours worth of work by the other blogger to get it edited into “postable” format. When I was managing the posts over at my tutorial site, I often had to edit a few other posts to make sure that they were readable and up to the level of writing that I wanted my site to have. Before you submit your post, make sure your article is free of any typos and grammatical errors. This also means that you need to make sure that any images are correctly uploaded, and in general make sure that the post looks good.

3. Make sure it’s worth reading.
If you were asked to guest post, the reason is that the blogger that owns the site thinks that you have something unique to say. This should go without saying but write something worth reading or you may just find that your guest article never gets posted. If your post is not interesting then it’s not going to gain the other blog anything. Most bloggers don’t ask you to guest post without a reason. They think that you have something interesting to contribute to the blog, so make it worth reading.

4. Optimize your site for the visitors you gain from their site
This tip might not be overly important at first glance but I assure you that it is. If you write a guest post on a popular blog, your site will get noticed – I guarantee it. You need to optimize your blog to make sure that the visitors you receive from your guest post stay on your blog and hopefully become readers.

There are a number of ways to do this but I would suggest having a post that links to the articles you write. In this post you should link to your top articles and your most recent articles and provide an easy way for the readers to subscribe. This post should be located at the top of your blog so its the first thing the new visitors see.

5. Have fun!
If you’re guest posting it means you enjoy writing and blogging. Guest posting on another blog should be fun! If you’re having fun it’ll show in your post and readers like that. If you don’t have fun you really shouldn’t be blogging anymore, but that’s entirely a different story. Make sure that you have fun while posting and I’m sure the article will be a great one.

These five tips should give you an excellent start on being a great guest poster. Remember, a good article on a different site provides you with a chance to increase your reading audience and just like being invited to a friend’s home, the guest post should provide you with a whole new group of friends in the blogosphere.

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25 Responses to “5 Easy Tips For the Beginning Guest Blogger”

Tom - StandOutBlogger.com on July 1st, 2008

great tips! I have just submitted to guest posts to a couple of bigger name bloggers and got accepted and now I am going to try and aim even higher!

Flimjo on July 1st, 2008

If I were to add one more tip, it would be to write your BEST post. You can’t leave anything on the table. Write a kick-ass post because the impression you leave must be a lasting one.

Hendry Lee on July 1st, 2008

Just in time, I am about to add guest blogging to my traffic building strategy this month.

Thanks for the tips.

wisdom on July 1st, 2008

Good tips. Could you maybe elaborate on number 4/ give an example on someone is who optimizing the way you described. Good idea though.

Adam McKerlie on July 1st, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments.

I totally agree. Giving the post your all will show the readers that you know what your talking about and hopefully impress the blog owner.

Glad it helped. Good luck building traffic.

With #4 you want any traffic that you generate from writing a guest post to stay on your blog and ultimately subscribe to your feed or do whatever it is that you want.

When I’ve guest blogged in the past I wrote a simple “Welcome” post for all the visitors generated from the guest post, welcoming them to the site and showcasing my best content. This gives them a lot of new stuff to look at and hopefully they’ll stay around your site longer.

Making sure your navigation is setup properly so they can view past content easily is another way you can optimize your blog.

Rajaie AlKorani on July 1st, 2008

Those are some great tips, but I agree with Flimjo, you have to produce your best piece of work, even if it takes hours to write, especially if you’re submitting it to a popular blog.

m.dinesh on July 1st, 2008

I know that guest blogging is a great way of improving our traffic, but how should we approach the admin,
I mean
does the admin asks us for this or we should approach on our own to the admin.

Adam McKerlie on July 2nd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Generally, unless you have a good relationship with the admin of the site, have your guest post already written before you approach them. If you have your post ready for them to read they’ll be more willing to post it than if you come to them with the promise of a post.

If you know the author, you can probably just ask to post (without having anything written) because they know your style and quality.

Justin - Why No Follow? on July 2nd, 2008

why the no follow’s?

wisdom on July 2nd, 2008

I think google looks on this badly?

John Farina on July 2nd, 2008

Excellent tips.

m.dinesh on July 2nd, 2008

@ Adam,
Thank you adam,
i never done guest posting.

jagdesh on July 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

This is a great post.(I found your blog at dailyblogtips)I dont think I will write a guest post in the next 2-3 monthes as I have my exams coming up and I just started blogging.This is definitely helpful and yo have anotherr suscriber :).

Irish on July 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Never done guest posting too…But if I have the chance someday your tip will be my guidance.

Winning Startups on July 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Good luck to you on Blogging Idol. I just subscribed. I’ve recently done a couple guest posts and enjoyed your advice for future posts.

Winning Startups on July 3rd, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Thank you for the advice I just did some guest posts and will consider your points for the future. Good luck to you on Blogging Idol. I just subscribed to help you out.

Mr. Javo on July 4th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Nice guest post! You cover all those things listed in your post. Good job

Krsto on July 5th, 2008

My blog has just started working, and I was thinking of writting a guest post to some related blog, but after thinking about it, I realized one thing. The guest blogger must have a blog which has been in the blogosphere for a while, and it must contain at least few well-written posts. Otherwise, if some people stay dissappointed with the guest post, imagine them looking out your almost blank blog. My advice to future guest bloggers is to work hard on your own blog and think twice before running to publish a guest post.

Patience is a virtue… 🙂

Sarah Jo on July 7th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

Thanks for these tips! Writing a few guest posts to market my blog is on my to-do list, and these definitely point me in the right direction.

Any tips for when you contact the host blogger about a guest post?

Adam McKerlie on July 7th, 2008 Subscribed to comments via email

I’m not sure if I agree with you. As long as the post that they write is really good, I don’t think them having a blog or being well known is necessary.

@Sarah Jo
Don’t email the blogger and ask for a guest post right off the bat. Get to know the people, comment on their blog and develop a friendship. Once you know each other, then go to them with the idea to guest post. I’ve found this worked better.


I am surprised there isn’t a “guestblogginglist” similar to craigslist where blogs looking for guest bloggers and bloggers looking for a place to be guests can find one another.

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