Top 5 Crucial Internet Marketing Tips for 2010 – Are You Prepared?

January 19, 2010 - Written by Gyutae Park  

2010-pathCan you believe that it’s already 2010? I’ve been involved with Internet marketing and SEO for over 7 years now and each year has always been more exciting than the previous one. 2010 is looking to be no different.

There are so many opportunities online to make money and make a difference. If you ever wanted to get started in this space, now’s the time.

I know that I’m a few weeks late, but I want to use this post to reflect on the past year in terms of what I learned about online business building and marketing. I’ll outline my top 5 learnings from 2009 and share my Internet marketing predictions and tips for the new year. Cheers!

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Big Flaws in the “Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009” List and 4 Ways You Can Avoid the Same Mistakes

January 13, 2010 - Written by Gyutae Park  

invesp-100-marketers-2009I’m the #61 most influential online marketer of 2009. Seriously. Are you surprised? I know I was when I first saw the list a few days ago. While I’m flattered and honored to be included, a part of me just doesn’t feel right. How am I ranked higher than the very SEO superstars that I look up to? This includes guys like Patrick Altoft, Jordan Kasteler, Eric Ward, and Michael Gray (who didn’t even make the list). Furthermore, to say that I’m more influential than top bloggers like John Chow, Lisa Barone, and Leo Babauta is just insulting – even to me.

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